Past Continues (Video)

Past Continues

We are invited as witnesses to this funeral of ruined places. Remained buildings from past are presented in
our sight to show what they have done not only in a certain era but also in the history of their existence.
Growing up in these kind of places made my childhood full of imaginations and inspiration from the
painting on sealing and the statues in living room. I knew I was living in a powerful place that led me to
think deeper and stronger. The existence of past has influenced the young generation, all the signs which
are disappearing. The memory of people who used to live in these buildings has vanished. My feeling about
these locations is full of sorrow as if they were alive. The death of cultural treasure is as painful as human
beings death. I replaced the emptiness of the atmospheres with the existence of woman who are invisible in
the muscularity of the society.
“kharabat”(The Desolation) is a concept in Iranian and Afghan mysticism, which could mean a place for
drinking wine, a holy place to pray or even a ruined place.
This project is still on the progress and will be completed by end of 2016. A part of this project has been
taken in Afghanistan. The other section of “Past Continues”has been taking place in Tehran
as well as other cities in Iran. Also the project contains six videos.

No. 1

A work by Tahmineh Monzavi

Fazila Zamiri (born 1993- Kabul ) she is Playing Robab ,she is well known in Afghanistan Music Academy.
Kabul / Afghanistan

No. 2

A work by Tahmineh Monzavi

Fereshta Kazemi (born in 1979- Kabul) is an Afghan-American film Actress in the United States & Afghanistan.In 2013, she was awarded a Best Actress Award for her role in "The Icy Sun" at the "2nd Afghanistan Human Rights Film Festival".

Kabul / Afghanistan

No. 4

A work by Tahmineh Monzavi

Mahsa Vahdat  (born 1973, Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian artist and singer and strong advocate of Freedom of expression. Her music style is contemporary expression inspired by old traditional and folk and regional music of Iran that she developed for many years and it is the result of work with many musicians from Iran and other countries. She writes most of her songs.
Tehran / Iran

No. 5

A work by Tahmineh Monzavi

Atena Eshtiaghi (born 1991 Tehran,Iran) she has studied Music in Tehran university.she is famous in playing cello at her career.

Tehran / Iran

No. 6

Ava Darvishi was born in 1992, she is an actress and performer in theater in Tehran.

Music by: Aftab Darvishi

A work by Tahmineh Monzavi

Tehran / Iran